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Our First Donor Appreciation Event

We hosted our first ever donor appreciation event on September 23—a really fun evening at inventHQ, featuring good conversation, screen printing tote bags, and snacking! Favorite moment: When a certain donor/former board member/volunteer extraordinaire perfectly screen printed a quote about libraries onto the kraft paper covering the table. Oops, the screen printing goes on the bags! Here are a few photos of the event, including the gang of library staff and BLFF board members who made it happen—thanks to all of them, as well as to our supporters!

♥♥ Volunteers (and donors!) rock our world! ♥♥


Join Our Team

We are currently looking for new members to join our Board of Directors.

This is a fun opportunity to dedicate a couple of hours per month to a wonderful cause. We (the BLFF) are an all-volunteer group who works to help raise both awareness and funds for our beloved Broomfield library.

If you think you are interested in joining us, please:


  • give us a call at 720-887-2340.

We would love to visit with you!

Not only is this a great opportunity to give back to your community, but think how nice it would look on a résumé?

Please note: a volunteer checks the email and phone daily, but will get back to you soon if you leave a message. Thank you!


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